A Century of Service

The Henry P. Thompson Company is very proud of our association with these quality manufacturers.  Please contact us to obtain literature and other information regarding these manufacturers and their products or search our product library in the top right corner of your web browser. 


360 Water

Customized Online Operation and Maintenance Training as well as continuing education contact hours for the water and wastewater industry   

Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems, Inc.

Roll-Off Sludge & Grease Dewatering Box Units including Polymer Preparation & Dosing, Trash Pump, Prefabricated Aluminum Stairway

Bilfinger Water Technologies

Johnson Screens-Passive Wedgewire Screens, SS Underdrains, Headworks Screens

BioSpark/CHP Clean Energy

Biogas conditioning system for removal of siloxanes, moisture, H2S from anaerobic digester gas, landfill gas, agro waste gas, USEPA endorsed Combined Heat & Power (CHP) anaerobic digester systems for production of “green” eco friendly electricity

BioWater Technology

 Complete Mix Biofilm Process – CFIC Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning

Burnett CO2

CO2 Gas Feed for recarbonation of potable water

Cerlic Environmental Control, Inc

Sensors for Continuous Measurement in Wastewater Treatment and Industrial Processes

Clarifier CleanSweep

SS Rotating Chain Sweep for algae & debris control

Continental Blower

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, Controls & Accessories


Floating/Clearwell Baffles, Membrane Tank Covers

Evoqua Water Technologies

BioMag & CoMag: Enhanced Treatment using Magnetite for Ballasted Flocculation
Davco: Field Erected Treatment Plants, Filtration Equipment, Liquid Solids Separation and Screw Pumps
Envirex: Orbal & Vertical Loop Reactor Oxidation Ditch Systems, Tow Bro® & Rim Flo® Clarifiers, Non-Metallic Chain & Scrapers, Diffused Aeration Equipment, Traveling Water Screens, Rotating Biological Contactors, Anaerobic Treatment Systems, Cannibal Sludge Process
Jet Tech: Jet Aeration/ Mixing Systems, SBRs
Memcor: Membrane Systems                                                                                                                                                          
RJ Environmental: Chlorine & Sulfur Dioxide Vapor Scrubbing Systems, Carbon, Chemical & Biological Odor Control Systems
Wallace & Tiernan: Gas chlorination and dechlorination, OSEC for onsite generation of Hypochlorite, Water Champ chemical induction

Fournier Industries, Inc.

Rotary Sludge Dewatering Press

Fresh Creek Technologies

CSO & Stormwater Netting Trash Trap Systems for Floatables Capture & Removal

Gardner Denver

 Robuschi ROBOX Evolution-PD Blowers and Screw Compressors with Sound Attenuating Enclosures

Golden Harvest

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Fabricated Gates

Hayward Gordon

TORUS Recessed Impeller Pump, XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump, & CHOPX Chopper Pump; Portable, Top & Side Entry & Inline Mixers

High Tide Technologies

SCADA, Satellite/Cellular Telemetry with Web Based Access

Hydro International 

Grit Management
Eutek Headcell, Grit King, Eutek Slurry Cup, Eutek Teacup, Eutek Grit Snail, Grit Classifier and Decanter

Wet Weather
Storm King with Swirl-Cleanse, Hydro Vortex Drop Shaft, Reg-U-Flo, Heliscreen, Hydro-Static Screen, Hydro-Jet Screen

Integrity Municipal Systems

Odor Control, Wet & Dry Scrubbers

ITT Goulds Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps & Parts including: Horizontal Split-Case, ANSI Horizontal & In-line Water Process, Mag-Drive, Vertical Turbines, Multi-Stage, Self-Priming, Sump, High Capacity, General Service and Pump Monitoring & Controls

Jim Myers & Sons

Horizontal, Vertical Paddle Wheel & Walking Beam Flocculators, Material Handling Systems, Grit Screws, Screw & Belt Conveyors, Grit Dewatering Equipment, Screenings Compactors

JWC Environmental

"Muffin Monster" & "Channel Monster" Sewage Grinders, "Auger Monster" Fine Screens, Monster Separation Systems: BandScreen, Storm, Chain & Rake, Finescreen & Catenary Monster Screens, Screening Washer Monster, Honey Monster Septage Receiving Stations

Koso America

REXA Electraulic Actuators-low maintenance, high precision hydraulic actuators

Kruger (OH & KY)

Actiflo BFR, Anoix Kaldness Moving Bed BioReactors (MBBR™), BioFilm Activated Sludge (BAS), HYBAS™ IFAS Process, Low Sludge Production Process (LSP™), Lagoon Upgrades, BNR systems, Thermophilic Processes, Oxidation Ditches, OASES Pure Oxygen Systems, HydroTech Disc Filters & DrumFilters, NEOSEP Immersed Flat Sheet MBR Systems, NGK Ceraminc Membranes, BioStyr Biological Aerated Filter, Athos Hydrothermal Oxidation, Biocon Thermal Drying, BioPasteur/ATAD Pasteurization, BioThelys Thermal Hydrolysis, Solia Solar Drying

Kusters Water

Hi-Tech Environmental Clarifiers/Thickeners, Grit & Grease Removal Systems, DAF Thickeners, Trickling Filter Rotary Distributors, Fabricated Clarifier Drives

Lemna Technologies

LemTec Facultative Lagoon Treatment Process, Lagoon Covers

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Ozone Generation Systems

MP Electronics, Inc.

Motor Protection Electronics-Level Controls for Submersible Pumps


Real Time, On-line TTHM & VOC Monitoring Systems


"Stamford" Density Current Baffle System & Launder Weir Covers for Algae & Odor Control, weirs and baffles


NEMO Progressive Cavity Pumps, Tornado Rotary Lobe Pumps 


Aerostrip Fine Bubble High Efficiency Diffuser Systems

Parkson Corporation

Aeration: HiOx® Aeration Panel System
Biological: BioLac® Wastewater Treatment System, Biolac Wave Oxidation System
Clarification: Industrial Low Flows IPC, Lamella® Gravity Settler
Dewatering: Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic Filter Presses, Helixpress® Shaftless Spiral Dewatering Press, Hypress® Hydraulic Ram Press
Disinfection: MaximOS/MIOX Mixed Oxidant/ Hypochlorite self cleaning, on site generator systems                                    
Filtration: DynaSand® Continuous, Up-flow Granular Media Filter, DynaSand D2™ Advanced Filtration System
Grit Management: In-basin, Shaftless Spiral Grit Removal Systems, Tru-Grit® Washing/Dewatering System
Hycor® Pre-engineered Systems: Combi® Headworks Pretreatment System, Combi Septage Receiving Station, Helisieve Plus® Septage Receiving Station
Oil/Water Separation: Carbon Steel Oil/Water Separators, Fiberglass Oil/Water Separators
Prepackaged Water Treatment Systems: MWTS – Modular Water Treatment System
Screening, In Channel: Aqua Guard® Bar/Filter Screen, Aqua Guard® PF Perforated Media Screen, Helisieve® Screening, Conveying, Dewatering System
Screening, Fine Mesh/Perforated: Discostrainer® Gravity Disc Screen, Roto-Guard® Drum Screen, Rotomesh Fine Mesh Drum Screen
Hycor Screening, Fine Wedgewire: Hydroscreen Static Screen, Rotoshear® Internally-fed Rotary Drum Screen, Rotostrainer® Externally-fed Rotary Drum Screen
Screenings Washing, Conveying, Dewatering Systems: BioGuard® Influent Cleaning System, CPS System – Screenings Washer, Conveyor, Compactor, Heliclean® In-channel Washing System, Heliclean Plus® In-tank Batch Washing System, HyWash Washer, Conveyor, Compactor, Low Profile Screw Wash Press – Model SWP
Scum Skimming: SuperSkimmer Scum Removal System
Sludge Management: THERMO-SYSTEM® Solar Sludge Dryer, ThickTech Rotary Drum Thickener, StrainPress® Sludge Screening System

Penn Valley Pumps (IN only)

Double Disc Pumps

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions 

Direct Drive Mixers, Flocculators, Aerators

Phoenix Systems

Belt Filter Presses for Dewatering and Thickening

Precision Systems (OH & No. Ky. only)

Power-Pac, Twin-Pac, Hydro-Pac, Valve-Pac, Porta-Con, Aera-Vent, Depth Charge

Prominent Fluid Controls, Inc.

Chemical Feed & Polymer Makeup Systems

Schwing Bioset

Sludge Cake Pumps, Biosolids Handling Systems, Fluid Bed Dryers, Bioset Class A Biosolids Lime Stabilization/Nutrient Recovery System

Siemens Energy (Turblex)

High Efficient, Single Stage Blowers and Aeration Control Systems

Tank Connection (FSRC Tank)

Storage Containment Solutions including Bolted & Welded Tanks and Aluminum Domes

Tonka Water

Water Treatment Systems: Gravity Filters, Induced & Forced Draft Aerators, Vertical & Horizontal Pressure Filters, Ion Exchange, Solids Contact Clarifiers, Pre-Engineered, Packaged Water Treatment Plants, Membrane Systems including MF, UF, NF, RO 

Trojan Technologies

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems, UV Oxidation Systems for Control of Taste & Odor (geosmin & MIB), NDMA, 1,4 Dioxane, pesticides, herbicides, fuels and fuel additives (MTBE, BTEX), VOCs (PCE, TCE), pharmaceuticals, personal care products, Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)

Unifilt Corporation

Filter Media-Anthracite, filter sand, gravel and high density filter material

Vapex Environmental

Hydroxyl Mist Scrubbers for Odor and Grease Control 


Submersible Pumps and Mixers, Booster Stations